Forgive me if this blog is a bit screwed tonight, I received a lobotomy at work today and my brain was dropped on the floor, kicked around a bit and the stuffed back into my cranium. Having completed a 12 hour sentence I came home and found the wine box was leaking so I stuffed a pot under it and have shown a steely determination to prevent any from going to waste.

You maybe get two or three shifts like this a year and on these days you earn your salary for the year: if you get it right. At this moment, at an undisclosed midland’s location, a hindsight specialist has finished cataloguing the diameters of each individual pea in a 1kg  bag of Birds Eye petit pois and comparing them to data gained from last year’s crop. Satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to compile a complaint to the Chief Executive  he will painfully flagellate with nettles to reaffirm his raison d’etre, to make someone pay for his being unloved and unwanted , pilloried  castigated and reviled. In the morning this nameless individual will pour over the minutia of today’s events until he can find the slightest morsel of wrongness to challenge and vilify. I will, of course, respond in an appropriate manner, my latest style is ignoring the use of punctuation and capitalisation and choosing not to sign the reply.

Even after all these years I am astounded how perfectly natural phenomena can easily bring the railway to a stand. I can understand leaf fall, it is a real problem that seems simple but is anything but, however, rain, snow and high winds happen in this country, they are part of how things are and yet the railway grinds to a halt at the first sign of them. Currently politicians are trying to persuade us that HS2 is necessary and yet I believe the investment would be better served in providing a robust railway on the system we have.  The problem areas are well known and I am sure these problems could be resolved should finance be available.

Once again, I hope this is the last bad shift I experience and yet I know the next is just around the corner.



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