Technically this is yesterday’s blog but as I am still up and at work it counts.
Following a horrendous shift yesterday there is little that could be as bad however there was a lot of accumulated log rubbish to sift through and sort out. When the brown stuff hits, the first thing that suffers is the logging of events and I have spent three hours ensuring it is all as it should be.
With any luck the railway will be sorted for service start up but this constant battering by the elements is taking its’ toll.
The day started with a flurry of activity which I expertly avoided. We have switched over to a cable tv service provider. The all inclusive package gives an improved Internet speed and the first thing I noticed on the Internet was that the very same service provider has just de-recognised trade unions. Good old Saint Richard, the working man’s favourite rich person doesn’t see this as a two way relationship. I hope Pete Waterman gets the WCML franchise.
Anyway I collected together the last remaining coppers in my change drawer and bought a plywood off cut from my favourite timber supplier. I need a drawer for my multi work station and decided to try making box joints. I had made a jig for the router table to make things easier and following a disappointing trial I took advice to get a better to finish. Armed with the knowledge and a fiver’s work of ply I set about constructing it. After a couple of hours I had a fairly decent version of a drawer. My work done for the day I had a little nap before coming to work. I checked the company log on our new super fast connection to see if I needed to feel ill before setting out but decided our customers need the standard of service they deserve.
So that is about it. I had best look at getting these stranded units moved.



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