I think I spent most of today asleep. I got in about 0630 and slept until 1200 and then had a second session from 1700 to 2030. So I can see no reason for being tired but I could easily tuck myself up for a night in bed.
There is a strange calm about the place tonight. After the carnage of the preceding day’s it almost seems wrong. As if some succubus is waiting to shaft us in big style. No one dare utter the words ” that was close” or the dreaded and banned Q word that always causes the onset of Armageddon.
In the brief period of being awake I went to the workshop to finish mounting the drawer on a pair of recycled runners. I don’t know what time the Tsunami hit Aldridge but I removed 6 litres of rainwater from my bench mounted catch system. Linda made the suggestion of covering the workstation with a tarpaulin earlier in the week and more by luck than intention the objects under the tarp formed a berm. It saved a few litres of water on the floor, via my tools. So I set up one yesterday afternoon and once again it controlled the devastation. Freshly flush with wages I will set about buying some roofing felt next week and try and cure the leaks in a more permanent manner. I may have to fetch the Jafro boy over to help as I don’t fancy damaging any more body parts in pursuit of dangerous hobbies.
And so as I wait for the curry to arrive, hoping that we get the chance to eat it in one sitting and whilst still warm I bid you all good night.


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