I have managed to cram a fair bit in today. I had hoped to attend the AGM of the NFAS but common sense ruled the day and the thought of driving to Derby, sitting through a meeting and then driving back on 2 hours sleep became obviously over optimistic. Instead I spent an extra couple of hours in bed and then went to the archery club for an hour of practise. All in all and despite the thought of fatigue and sharp pointy things it was the best decision. I no longer own a crossbow and so have no axe to grind that can’t wait until the opportunity presents at an open shoot. 

Practise was good, very good actually. I took myself out to 30 yards and everything is still working fine. My technique is still developing but I can feel the consistency improving.  Certainly the results downrange were acceptable. I will spend another couple of weeks just practising on the range before getting my sight marks  in readiness for trying it all out in the field. I actually don’t enjoy shooting outdoors in winter but with the lack of indoor facilities around these parts if I want to get the hours in I will have to spend time enduring the elements. It can be a lonely life at times.

After getting back home I tried to watch the rugby but there are large gaps in my recollection of the games which have been attributed to me falling asleep. So I eventually rose from my chair bound slumbers to take Linda out for a meal. We went to a restaurant that neither of us have been to before and we were very impressed with the whole experience. We now have a new favourite Indian in the village.

And so, with the rain once again pounding down outside, I wonder what damage it is doing in the workshop. This sadness leaves me resolute in the decision to sort it out properly this week. With events planned for every day, it is going to take some fitting in even if the weather deems to behave.


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