This morning I baled a further 14 litres of water from the workshop. It is almost as if the building is giving up trying to be watertight and is giving a visual cry for help. I rang back the company that was quoting me for self adhesive roofing felt as they had failed to ring me back yesterday. I wasn’t surprised that the same chap who answered the phone said he would get someone to phone me back, neither was I surprised that no one did. If you live in Staffordshire and expect a service from CJ Hughes of Newcastle I would save yourself the disappointment and go elsewhere, they don’t need your money and prefer the stock to remain on their shelves. Ironically their online Fleabay shop is called “Ifyouarehappywearehappy”. Well CJ, I’m not happy at all, I hope you feel the same. I will be approaching another vendor of afore-mentioned self adhesive roofing felt in the morning. Time is running out as I have pre-booked Jafro boy to help out at the weekend.

The morning came and went doing nothing in particular, I wanted to research an idea for the bike design and You Tube can be very time consuming.  The highlight of the day was an afternoon visit to a secret location, somewhere in Walsall to harvest some willow with the Reremouse and Linda. It is secret mostly because I haven’t a clue where we went. We spent an hour or so and came back with a bushel of willow. I am looking forward to reacquainting myself with basketry as my next course was cancelled at short notice due to a poor uptake. This was a real shame as framed baskets appear more complex and uses. I am sure I can teach myself, or at least skill share with someone who has tried it before. I’m not quite sure what skill I can bring to the party, my experience is mostly falling off bikes and spending time in hospital. I dare say there is some information on YouTube to help me along and I’ll have a scan through Amazon for any books on the subject. Anyway, the fun was soon over and many many thanks to our guide for allowing us to come along. We now have the willow safely stored and I will knock up a water bath for them so that we can get started on a few products.

The remainder of the afternoon was dedicated to getting better signal coverage from our new hub. It appears to have worked as the internet has been lightning fast and reliable all night, even with four of us viable for its’ attention.  I will attempt to get up early and get some work done in my boathouse. I am worried that everything will go bang when I turn the power on but I need to spend some time down there sorting out the workspace before attending a union meeting at dinnertime.


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