I’m not supposed to have frustrating days when on annual leave but alas it wasn’t to be.  It started off with a trip to the Archery club where the wind blowing strongly from right to left took the arrow off the rest frequently, usually taking me three attempts to execute each shot. Frustrating and tiring. However the practise was needed and once again I was seeing improvement in consistency. I have to make a couple of alterations to the equipment that have become apparent and cannot be explained away by bad technique. No matter what the resolution is to be found in the workshop and I was all set to go in for an hour but the wave of despondency at the thought of the carnage in there prevented me from going in. I will have to face it but for the sake of my mood, not today.

Straight from the club I went to the union branch meeting, which bore the trademark sign of stagnation. I can remember fighting to get on committees and to get the big council meetings. These days the vacant room cries out for volunteers to go. In a way I am not complaining as it allows me to pick up my Trade Union connections at the level I left them back in 2000. With a branch membership of 600 to have a finger less than a handful care about how it is run is terrible. I feel that at some point, quite soon, even normal people are going to be looking for help and reassurance. At some point reasonable people, confused by the one party system in force at present, they may realise that there is an alternative bargaining point and we need to be ready. We need to be barging the Jehovah Witnesses off the doorstep to point out we have work to do on this planet for others, rather than priming the afterlife for our own needs. Anyway enough soap boxing for one blog.

I recently decided to upgrade my phone to one of those Android thingy’s. For very little reason other than Apple aren’t pleasing me with stupid Ios updates that don’t work and by removing perfectly serviceable and used apps because they don’t fit the corporate identity. Opting out of these upgrades isn’t really an option. And that the Iphone 5 isn’t very pretty or fresh looking. I am pleased with my decision, the phone is a joy to use and the big screen means I can read things without reaching for my glasses. However, I prefer a genre of music that isn’t readily catered for on mainstream radio. Because of this my collection of music stored on my phone is a refuge from “nice” when driving my car. There is nothing as relaxing as a blast of Soulfly when tackling the rush hour traffic or the upbeat melodies of Meshuggah for a long motorway drive. Here lies the problem. My car radiogram is Iphone ready. It isn’t quite so Android ready and refuses to play or power it. For some this would be nothing more than a minor irritation, not so for me, it is almost a declaration of war. I spent the rest of a fading afternoon trying different connections, looking for setting, checking suggestions on the internet and finally, after slamming the radio back into the dash, I was googling for a replacement system. No doubt, the purchase of new ICE will provoke the car into breaking expensively to teach me a lesson.

Finally I offered to cook tea as Linda had been working all day. In the style of Ready Steady Cook, some meat was presented and I worked out what to make that would be quick and appealing. Normally I would consider myself a competent cooker of food, but this wasn’t a normal day. I mixed up some spices and veggies added them to the meat and gram flour to make some kebab like offerings. Right from the off, it didn’t come together and no amount of coaxing would salvage the meal. It isn’t often I have a total kitchen disaster but after an hour of making things worse I binned in and hit the chip shop.  After the frustrations and failures, I decided to wipe this day off the register and start again tomorrow.



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