I am blooming tired but currently grump free, which is nice.  I saw the sun rise over Rugby this morning and it was the most impressive I can ever remember. The clouds were crimson and purple and the sun a deep red. Driving into it wasn’t much fun though as the traffic was getting heavy and some people always seem in a rush and angry. Others really don’t care too much for safety to pull off a killer move on the inside of the traffic, confident in their lightning fast reactions and trusting in everyone else to be as great at driving.  It is easy to understand how serious accidents occur. Most were slowing down due to the visibility, which was annoying others causing them to take risks to overtake, sort of defeating the object of applying caution really.

Anyway I arrived in MFK in good time and was soon loaded with felt and roof like stuff and I was soon on my way back. The journey was very unremarkable and only the peculiarities of the new sat nave software provided any entertainment. I am new to android and new to google navigation but it appears that there is a major flaw. It doesn’t understand roundabouts or the concept of taking the third exit. Take the second exit can and often does mean the third or fourth exit. This is ok if you know where you are going but that defeats the purpose of using a sat nav and from the reviews of the navigation software  available, it is about as good as it gets. This is a shame as it already doesn’t work with my stereo and now it is useless getting me from A to C . It is quite possibly the best phone ever and I love it but having to buy new everything else to match is a little annoying.

So having returned home via a new and interesting route I thought I would make final preparations on the workshop roof ready for the big day of felt tomorrow. It was at that point I discovered I hadn’t actually finished the roof at all. The gable end at the fence side was unfinished and covered in the plastic that Linda and Tracy had stuck on it back in March after my accident. They do say that you become blind to the things you see everyday but to actually be shocked at the sight of the blue plastic was amazing. So with a less than positive attitude I fastened the finally final board in place  and then moved onto the next task. This involved hot water, sugar soap and a Home Bargains’ bucket. I half filled the bucket with the other ingredients and lifted it free of the sink. At this point, the mention the bargain nature of the bucket comes to the fore.  Before I could say “Oh Shit”, two gallons of fluid and a handle-less were on Linda’s nicely clean floor and window, and door and cupboards and well, frankly, everywhere. Two gallons is a lot but the accident was taken in good nature and I examined the flimsy 0.5mm plastic handle recesses and the remains of the rim of the bucket. I wondered if there was a chance of a no win, no fee claim.

A lot of apologising later I was back out on the roof with the broken bucket cleaning the crap off the roof. I may have mentioned that two gallons goes a long way. I can convey that it has the same effect on a hopelessly leaky roof as it does on a kitchen floor and all my tools got a bonus soaking, not like they haven’t had enough this week already. Finally I had to attach two laths to the roof to provide ridges at the end. It’s a roof thing really. I had some super special stick anything to anything mastic in gun bought from Home Bargains, you know where this is going don’t you? I had managed all of three blobs of incredibly sticky stuff when the gun broke. However they were so cheap that I had bought two guns but rather than use the second one I grabbed my favourite well used and decent screwfix quality one to do the job and five squirts later that one broke too. So I was forced into using the last remaining gun very very carefully. I was fortunate that it held out to the end of the job. Otherwise I could have been a little peeved.

With a little time left I modified my archery finger tab in readiness for a spot of freezing to death whilst trying to practise archery tomorrow morning. At least the Milliput seems to have behaved so far. So the plan is to go shooting in the morning, whilst the blazing sunshine dries up the roof so that I can prime it and get some felt on before the promised snow, rain, pestilence and plague arrive on Sunday. Here’s hoping.


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