Another day spent looking down on Aldridge from the giddy heights of the workshop roof. This time it had a better outcome as the second layer of felt went on without hitch. It didn’t stick to the first layer but the first layer hadn’t stuck to the roof either so no surprise there. Having decided to batten it down I wasn’t stressed by it. I will buy the wood tomorrow and finish the job but for now I have used some  oddments applied in strategic points to keep the felt down. The forecast is for rain so I will get an early indication if the work was successful. I ust say I am hoping so as I am seriously fed up with being on the roof instead of inside the workshop. Having decided to finish it properly before doing any more projects, the race is on to get the work done. I did manage to find time to do a bit of work in the house and refitted the door that has been coming off the hinge for a while now. Apparently there is a “snag list”  which I was totally unaware of.

The day was finished off with a famously large roast dinner and a trip to Tamworth to drop Connor off at the station. It wasn’t really a day to write home about but at the same time quite a lot was achieved. Tomorrow we have a meeting for the Friends Group for Park Lime Pits. With so much going off and so much to plan I hope it is well attended, however I fear the attendance won’t exceed the usual Union Branch meeting tally.  There are difficult times ahead and the uncertain future facing the guiding lights of Countryside services makes planning awkward and perhaps even futile. There is so much good we could do if we are given the chance . The Save Walsall’s Countryside Services campaign is at least trying to ensure we get that chance and that the staff are there to guide us in the future.


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