The end of another busy day draws to a close and with a 0500 start in the morning it won’t be too long before I am hitting the sack. I was straight down the shed  to continue with the workbench. Unusually for me I didn’t plan a design out for it, I had an idea but sort of freestyled it as I went along. I honestly don’t know where the time went, apart from the a couple of breaks I was working at it for  5 hours before getting to a point where I can use it for the purpose it was intended. I still have the cupboard and drawers to make but it has turned out better than I expected. It was a real joy to work in a dry and warm environment. It is all drying out very nicely and no longer an exercise in stress and anxiety.


Sliding mitre saw station

The rest of the day’s business was devoted to the Friends of Park Lime Pits meeting. There was a lot on the agenda including outlining events for 2013 and further work parties to improve the car park area to prevent anti social behaviour . The meeting was extremely well attended and very positive in manner. There are uncertain times ahead and without the Countryside Rangers to guide us many of the more interesting projects may not happen. As the main aim of the group is to widen the appeal and garner a greater interest and knowledge in nature and the locality, to lose the leadership would be a great loss and a great shame.

Anyway it is late and I have the world to save tomorrow, I would rather be making drawers and cupboards but that doesn’t pay the bills.


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