Not much to put in here tonight. I off to bed soon for another 0500 start in the morning and feeling like it has been a long day already.  The shift went fairly ok as shifts in the Ivory Tower go. I must have been feeling productive as I tidied up some long overdue files and cleared out a load of redundant emails and notices. I even sorted out my leave for next year and transferred my roster for 2013 onto my non fruit based hand held device. The day wasn’t short of incident but this isn’t the place for the nitty gritty.

It is the run up to Christmas and a time when things can get the better of some people. In this economic climate I don’t see the statistics getting any better. The Chancellor says there isn’t a miracle cure. I don’t think most people want a miracle, they just wast reality and a fair system for dealing with these harsh times. I wasn’t around to catch the live broadcast of the Autumn Statement but not levying a fuel duty isn’t improving things, it is at best maintaining a status quo. To improve finances you would have to reduce the duty. Well that is how I was taught maths, at my state run Grammar School, perhaps they aren’t taught differently at the posh schools.

I was going to write a bit more but I’ve just completely messed my head up watching 30 seconds of a programme on the TV and have lost the appetite for doing anything. Sorry


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