With the sun in the sky and a crisp fresh bite to the air an opportunity to go for a walk couldn’t be passed up but before that there was essential issues to deal with on the workshop front. I have been very fortunate with the weather this week as the roofing felt had been very temporarily attached last weekend and a decent storm could have seen me back at square one. As the forecast is a little less promising for next week , I would be pushing my luck not to do something about it.  Having said that I didn’t do very much as the bulk of the work will take place tomorrow. Today I collected some tiling laths and gave them a coat of preserver, leaving them to mellow and dry overnight. I also got around to sorting out the electrics from the house to the workshop, making it a little more permanent and a lot safer in the process. At some point the electrics will need hard wiring into the house but I suspect any electrician would condemn the domestic wiring before undertaking any further work.

So with the day’s jobs out the way we went for a quick circuit via the Nook, Hayhead and the Lime Pits. We walk this route regularly and yet every time we walk it, something is different. It shows how quickly the seasons change and also how powerful the elements can be.  Rivers where brooks had been and brooks where nothing had been. Lakes had formed and trees fallen, the route was familiar but the views anything but. At one point there was even a waterfall which must be a first for Walsall. There were a few birds out enjoying the sun, Jay, GS Woodpecker, Kestrel and tits in abundance. Two highlights were found within metres of each other a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker furiously battering a tree and a Fox basking in the sun. It was cold but it was a joy to be out and of course the taxi took two pints in the Manor to arrive. Their tardy performance was forgiven as we relaxed in the snug.

As usual, once I have a pint or two, the opportunity for drunk cooking arrives and I knocked up a reasonable curry for tea to finish a lovely day off.


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