Any fule kno, as Mr Gillan once said. Now Ian was possibly a little wasted at the time and omitted the most important thing that Any Fule should know. There is also a saying, “Don’t carry all your eggs in one basket. A cautionary tale that possibly led to the invention of the omelette. It was a shame that I neglected to transfer the lessons into the workshop and regrettably I use a large sectioned container for storing screws. You can get 200 3/4″, 200 1″, 200 1 1/4”, I could go on but safe to say that the container could house over 1000 screws. I loved how handy it was to be able to peruse the available fasteners however the love affair ended this afternoon when I managed to upset the container and spread the contents all over the floor. Even with the aid of a magnetic tool it took over an hour to collect and sort the screws. Sorting out screws can be very therapeutic but not more than once. Needless to say I will be sorting out a new system in the near future.

At least the roof went to plan. In fact it went without a hitch and looked better than I imagined. The weather mostly held off although when it did rain I was hanging off the gable end and a prostrate body in line with the angle of the roof means you get quite wet very quickly. 

Linda was creating an homage to Santa’s Little Helpers so I got changed into something a little drier and had a decent tidy up in the workshop. Now that most things are dry in there and unlikely to get wet again it seemed a worthwhile exercise. I continued with the ply lining and made some clamp racks. I work to the ethic that you can’t have too many clamps, unfortunately you can have a finite amount of room for them. I now have room for some more and with the rubbish cleared out I have even more room for clamp racks. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. 

Anyway I have to get up for work in a bit as the roster clerk has seemingly got bored of putting me on nights so I will sign off for the night.


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