Another totally shite day at work, from the second I walked in and right up to leaving everything wanted to break. However it managed to break in a containable way. I don’t suppose for a minute anyone travelling was happy with their lot but I do think we managed ok on this occasion.  We lost access to the West Midlands from Stafford twice, we lost the overheads near Stafford for a while and suffered five train failures all in the Stafford to Wolverhampton area. not something you wish for on a regular basis.

I got back home and popped in the workshop to glue up some boards out of recycled pallets. I have been having a bit of a problem with the table saw as it doesn’t seem as willing to cut thicker sections of wood as it used to be. It had the motor replaced recently but doesn’t seem as good as it was. I have garnered some advice on the matter but I’m not winning with it. Without a planer trying to get the edges of the narrow boards straight enough to glue together relies upon a straight cut from the saw and it just isn’t cutting the mustard at the moment. I will try a new blade at the next opportunity but I am losing faith in its’ abilities. As this is the second saw I have bought from the budget end of the market I think I am going to have to dig a fair bit deeper to get somewhere near reliability. I will have to find another kidney to fund the requirement. Anyway I did try to glue up the boards in the hope that the gaps would damage the finished piece’s integrity. It is only going to be a drawer front for the new workbench and will be firmly attached as long as it gets that far in the process. I also made up the two smaller drawer carcases ready for finishing another time.

And that wraps up the day, all in all pretty frustrating all round, oh well tomorrow can only get better and hopefully more interesting  in a nice way. Linda is appearing before Council and I will be there holding the sponge and the spit bucket in her corner.


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