I’ve just got in from an afternoon shift which was a pleasant end to an awful week. The day wasn’t without issue but tempered with what has gone before, the events were accepted with little argument. I had thought of having a really lazy morning and then a leisurely amble into work for a pre shift union meeting but I received an email cancelling the meeting and was left with an elongated morning that shouldn’t be wasted. So I popped in the workshop just to tidy up, something that really needed doing as I had de-constructed four pallets  over the week and the debris had overwhelmed the room. After filling 7 bags with wooden offcuts and two bags of sawdust, the place is a lot tidier and there is just the tools tools to rearrange as they have temporarily lost their homes as the drawers are built.

After getting a lot of guidance , I had a look inside the housing of the saw. With a list of places to look for problems, I didn’t even get to the top of the list before spotting the most obvious issue, the whole motor and blade assembly hangs off an 8mm stainless steel rod. This rod is held in place by three retainers, no more than 10mm wide. The retainers are held in by six machine screws, three of which won’t tighten up. Even if they did, this assembly hangs off an unsupported 1.6mm extruded aluminium top plate. The whole thing relies upon the sharpness of the blade to prevent deviation as I can push it 20mm each way without any real trouble. The  big question is do I spend time modifying the table, strengthening it and getting new bushings made, invalidating the warranty and possibly lowering it’s value and possibly not curing the problems or just bite the bullet and save up for a new (second hand) proper one?

Perhaps the biggest shame about this situation is that I am genuinely at a point to start making items in the workshop and with the desire to use recycled wood. To ensure a decent product I have to be able to accurately cut and join it, With the lack of accuracy the finished product won’t be as I would wish. So at the moment I once again have to put things on hold on that front.

Anyway, time is ticking on and I am getting distracted by Question Time, so I will press publish. Good night



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