Another day of leisure spent in the workshop. With the temperature soaring to a heady 7 degrees it was far more pleasant in there and although the rain still seeps through the floor it wasn’t coming in from above, which was a real blessing. I have decided to make the drawer units out of plywood as getting the pallet wood thicknessed is a tool too far for me at the moment, so I will have to put them off until payday. So I finished tidying up and set about the task of reducing the width of my engine building table. This table was built years ago and built to last. I have lost count of the engines dropped on this bench but it must be about 15. It has travelled to maybe six different locations as I migrated from up north to the affluent Midlands. The one constant in my life, well that and my roll cab and a leather penguin. Before moving into any location I have always first considered where my bench would live.

It would appear I built the bench to last an age as it was nearly impossible to take apart. At first I tried carefully to disassemble it but as the futility of this became obvious I resorted to bashing it repeatedly with a hammer and after the braces gave way I snapped the screws off. Not the prettiest way of doing it but remarkably affective. The worktop was  sheet steel clad 25mm plywood and once the cladding was removed, the ply wasn’t reusable so I concentrated on making the frame and the shelves as the top will have to wait for payday, along with everything else it would appear. As far as workshop furniture goes, all that remains to build is a bandsaw bench, some shelving and put a floor in as the concrete is a tad chilly on the feet.

Tomorrow we are tacking the joy that is the German Market, I look forward to a decent sausage but can only handle it once a year.


2 thoughts on “331/365

  1. billybezla says:

    Must say I am a bit hooked on this blog now – need to know about the bench and will be tuning in. Not much of an engineer myself. I know there is some history behind the blog but bear with me, I am an interloper.
    Also need to know if a ‘leather penguin’ is a constant that I might need or a euphemism…!
    Hope all goes well with the bench.


    • aideym says:

      Hi Billy and thank you for your kind comments. Sadly the leather penguin isn’t a euphanism. It was bought for me by my mother after I had a serious motorbike accident over 30 years ago. It was to keep me safe and bring good luck. Since that day, miraculously I have broken my back twice, my coccyx collar bone, leg, ankle, wrist x3, loads of ribs, destroyed an elbow, had double pneumonia, blood poisoning and nearly lost a testacle. I keep “Percy” based on the keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

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