I felt like crap as I woke up this morning, sore eyes, headache, basically just blah. I looked out the window and judged it too December to bother going into the workshop or even going out for a walk. The best place for a bout of festive manflu is in the warmth of the living room with some soothing mind numbing telly. Of course, even when suffering, there is still work to be done, I have my bow grip to modify to suit my unusual draw-style and whilst at it, the finger tab also needed slightly reshaping and re-gluing.

I think I have mentioned my love of milliput before. It is truly awesome stuff for anyone that doesn’t have 3d printing or a cnc machine lying around waiting to make that little trinket up and when it comes to moulding something to fit your hand it is nigh on perfect. So a happy hour or two passed as I moulded, glued, shaped and sanded bits of epoxy putty until I ended up with the grip and tab as I wanted them.



Following the Blue Peter experience, with a lot of afternoon left and no improvement in the inclination to step outside I decided it was time to make some nice warm socks for my long rod and twins ( the things that look like TV aerials on an Olympic bow) as they are just bouncing about in my kit bag and will sooner or later end up scratched or chipped. To do this I asked Linda to show me how to work the sewing machine which has sat next to the coffee maker for a year or so. This prompted much activity finding all the associated components  and a flurry of panic as I broke the needle whilst cleaning the machine. Them buggers are really sharp.  With the help of Linda and the instruction manual I was up an running. Now they may only look like a bunch of shapeless socks to you but to me they are a thing of beauty.




Back to work tomorrow so best find out who the Sports Personality of the Year is then head up to bed.


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