Tonight I have a surprise evening shift to cover. After checking the Christmas simplifiers I find myself with a brief lull in which to write the blog. Firstly I need to apologise to Linda for spending too long in the workshop today. I was hoping to get all the things I needed to get done out of the way before the celebrations start but clearly underestimated how long this was going to take. Fortunately Linda dragged me out in time to go to work as Ihad totally lost track of time and would most likely still be in there now.
It was my intention to put a top on the new bench ago that I could put some of the homeless clutter away but the saw mill its now closed until January so I hastily made up a temporary top, built some temporary shelves and got on with tidying up. It looked  whole lot better for it too. I also got to use the expensive saw blade for the first time and it is a revelation compared to the reasonably priced ones I have been using up to now.
The main job I wanted to do was to sort out my archery equipment and make final the adjustments I had been trying out. I had also got it in my mind to make an arrow cutter as I no longer have access to one. Quite simply it is a rotary tool fitted with a cutting disc held down on a board with an adjustable stop to set the length of the arrow. I was rather pleased with the result but unfortunately it saw the ultimate demise of the tool which had suffered badly when the roof was leaking but not before the arrows were cut to length  


After sorting the arrows I properly tied in the kisser and finished shaping the bow grip before giving it a final polish. It was at this point I was made aware of my tardiness and high tailed it to work.
Anyway I have a railway to look after. Night all..


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