Watching people gather the final reductions in Morrison’s was very similar to watching the 2011 Riots. From the hollow and haunted looks to the frenzied and desperate grab for the item with the yellow sticker. Zombie like creatures with shopping trolleys full of what can best be described as tat was also reminiscent of the New York Bag ladies. Yesterday we had spotted the deliberate mistake on the cheese isle where a certain biscuit and pickle combo had actually been marked back up to the original price. This evening the obvious special price was being attacked with voracity. I have to admit I wandered around from isle to isle desperately hoping for that missed bargain and from time to time as a proud shopper toted a trolley of knock down pizzas I couldn’t help considering if I could batter them and take the tasty cheese topped delicacies. After ten minutes with nothing more than the 4 pint of milk I went for and a tub of coleslaw for a reasonable 29p I gave up and checked out. My bargain was yet to come as I glanced at a for sale card in the exit. This card was offering a biscuit jointer for £20. Realising I had been sent on this mission for a reason I rang the number and ten minutes later it was in the back of my car. Christmas started early.

Anyway here we are on the eve of the 25th. The floor is covered with presents which could probably be classed as a health risk, one box of Quality Street has been polished off but at least one of those horrid coconut ones was saved for me. So with the evening drawing on it is only left for me to say Merry Christmas to one and all and please remember at this festive time there are so many people out there who aren’t in a position to enjoy themselves as we are about to. If I could have one Christmas wish come true it would be that this merciless Government leaves them the fuck alone in 2013 and that the world becomes a happier place for everyone. Decent standards, living wages and support for the needy should be for life not just for Christmas.


2 thoughts on “341/365

  1. billybezla says:

    Thanks! But what is a biscuit jointer? I am assuming its more at home in a shed than a kitchen?

    Merry Christmas


    • aideym says:

      In woodworking terms, biscuits are thin oval shaped pieces of hard wood. They are used to join pieces of wood together, like a dowel in effect an resemble a biscuit. A Biscuit jointer is a high speed cutter that cuts the slot in the wood for the biscuit to fit in. It makes a very accurate and tight cut so that the completed joint is very strong. As I am using pallet wood which is thin and narrow, I have to join the boards together to make a decent sized piece to work with and a biscuit jointer is ideal for this.


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