Merry Christmas to everyone out there. Before I start, apologies for any errors or omissions in my blog tonight. I have possibly emptied too many bottles of wine in celebration of the events of today. Some of you may be aware that I choose today to pop the question to my beloved Linda and after a fashionable pause she accepted. So I am officially engaged to the most wonderful and supportive, loving and simply fantastic person ever.
We have been through so much together already and what could have doomed a fledgling relationship simply made it stronger. I don’t know what would have happened had the events of 2012 not been shared with Linda and yet she took everything in her stride and did it because it had to be done.  But that isn’t a fraction of what makes her special to me. It would embarrass her if I were to continue gushing like this so I will end with simply saying that I knew I had met the one for me on our first date and Linda has been true to who she said she was right from that Saturday afternoon eighteen months ago to the day. It isn’t about soul mates it is about meeting your other half.

Anyway this won’t the only thing to occur, Santa thought we were all good enough to leave us some presents and mine we simply amazing,from the ukulele to a course at the Slow Oven learning how to make breads, in this case it is my favorite, the Chelsea bun. I have also had my sponsorship of Kubwa the Rothschild Giraffe at Dudley Zoo, which was a relief as I was worried for his future after my year ended.
I have spent the day learning the new chords required on a ukelele, eating chocolate and sampling various intoxicating liquids. A perfect Christmas in so many ways and the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I can’t wait.


One thought on “342/365

  1. kate Goodall says:

    Aiden, I doubt you’ll ever know how lucky you are to have found Linda. Well OK, she may have lucked out too. You two are so well met!

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