We are having a retro boxing day. We have gone back to the times without internet courtesy of virgin media. We have resorted to watching DVD’s and tried a family board game which was fun right up to the point where the oldies had an unassailable lead at which point the younger generation lost interest. We haven’t yet resorted to conversation but Connor the jafro boy is trying to learn ukelele. It is the most noise he has made since discovering you tube.
The journey into the world of uke continued today and it is beginning to sound like an instrument. I even managed a half decent rendition of the clash’s blitzkrieg bop, well half decent for me that is.  Linda has been very patient as I practised transitions and scales. I am still struggling with the size of the fretboard or the size of my sausage fingers which are making some of the popular chords quite difficult. One thing for certain it has re-awoken my love of discordant strumming. So much has changed from the days of guessing how to play or when rich, buying the sheet music. The internet, when available, provides the tabs and even strum through videos to assist in making you a legend in your own living room.  It its great. I may even end up buying another guitar at this rate.
The day was spent in total relaxation mode and it was probably a good job as the sciatica came back with a vengeance and only by maxing out on pills and red wine has the pain abated.
Tomorrow it’s back to reality. I have an appointment for an MRI scan to decide the course of action in repairing my arm.I also need to get some work done down the shed. Night all..


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