It was almost back to normal today, the Christmas period doesn’t seem to have the validity it warranted in years gone by when it seemed to go on to January 2nd and then stop dead as the countdown to Easter began. Perhaps it is just me but I really couldn’t justify not doing something today. With so much to do in the workshop and with my favoured timber supplier enjoying a generous seasonal closure I had to go further afield for supplies. I found a timber merchant open in Caldmore and relieved them of their last sheet of 12mm plywood.

The main objective was to make a step for an arthritic dog and to separate my tablesaw / router combination workstation  as it is simply too big to move it around the workshop. This was no more difficult than building the supplied tablesaw stand and sawing the extension off the workstation. The wheels were then reattached and the job was a good ‘un. I need to make a simple movable base for the saw table at some point but the extra space and manoeuvrability was immediately obvious and we were able to get the boards cut for the step before we had to pack in for me to go for my scan.

The City hospital was empty, the roads were empty and I was allowed in for my appointment early, all was going swimmingly well. I was supposed to have an MRI scan but the Doctor in charge of the scan said that the metal in my arm would black out the results and not provide anything suitable for diagnosis. Therefore I had an ultrasound scan of my elbow instead. The scan was very interesting and it was pretty easy to work out what was what inside my arm. You could see the plates and the screws, you could see the state of the elbow joint which was obviously pretty messed up, especially when compared to my left.  The results were surprising in that the tricep is very firmly attached to where it needs to be but the tendon is too long. It has either stretched or is not attached far enough up the bone. Either way it is sagging and all the contraction available in the muscle is being used to take up the slack in the 20 -90 degree  When the elbow is brought past 90 degrees the slack is taken up and the muscle works normally. So the question now is whether the tendon can be shortened or reattached differently. I don’t know whether these findings are a good or bad thing and I guess I will have to wait a few weeks to find out.

I spent an hour or two getting some Uke practise in. It is now becoming an instrument rather than a torture, some of the chords are still doing my head in, B minor and E minor in particular but I am getting there.


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