And there I was sat down to watch a Corrie recorded from earlier, completely unaware that despite being the festive season it was actually Friday. This wouldn’t be a problem except I am booked to do a 12 hour shift on Saturday, which it turns out is tomorrow. This is a shame on a number of levels, not least having to go to work. There is no doubt that it is a major inconvenience and jolly unsporting to boot but on the upside, they haven’t said what time they want me in work so I shall meander in at a most suitable time. I suppose it is for the best as they haven’t bothered to tell me what I am working next week yet and by my reckoning if it is Friday tomorrow then it is next week pretty soon.

Today went in a similar manner as yesterday, more me and the boy time in the workshop with power tools and wood. The dog step was completed by Connor and he started work on a project he saw on a YouTube channel I watch. He learned to make mitre and rabbet joints and that danish oil is dangerous stuff in the wrong situation. Fortunately this wasn’t the wrong situation and nothing was set on fire, it gives a lovely lustre to plywood though. The annoying thing about working tomorrow was that I was hoping to get Connor to help me cut the half sheet of plywood so I can make some cupboards as I can’t do it one handed. I guess I will have to train my fiancée  in the finer details of getting covered in sawdust.

And so with a heavy heart I am signing off for the night so that I can be bright, beautiful and amazing at work tomorrow. There has to be a first time for everything.



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