My laptop is performing important computer stuff and has been since 1930 this evening and still has millions of things to keep doing. This was totally the fault off my media player on my phone. Whilst the noise I prefer to listen cannot readily be considered music it is important to me and to be punctuated by whistles, pops and clicks is annoying almost beyond comparison. So after consulting the oracle of the internet I downloaded a highly recommended application to manage all my musical needs. This app, as they are known came with another programme which would link my voluminous library of music on my laptop. As the non apple based platform I received with my new phone had missed 600 my tunes I thought it would be a good idea to use this programme too. This programme came with another programme that I had actually heard of for making your computer a happier place.  I am coming to the end of my point honest. This programme found 23000 things it didn’t like and its still fixing it. So I think my laptop. is out of bounds for the night.
The day started out not as well as I would have liked as it turned out work had changed their designs on my services for today and I ended up nearly rushing in to work.
My union rep was in and I had a word about the current state of the play at work and suggested he had a word. In the vain hope something will be done about staffing levels and maybe about cocking a nod to national agreements. I dare say mutt early retirement will be discussed before a resolution is found to an issue only perceived to be a problem by those having to endure them.
I was on the short term planning desk which isolated me from any carnage that may have been occurring around me and in many ways today was a total non event. The main highlight was getting home and catching up with some telly with Linda and the boy. Perhaps tomorrow will be better for blogging about.


One thought on “346/365

  1. Chris Waite says:

    Gotta love that VSTP desk – I’ll be back on there in a week or so. Though to be fair I felt more useful on Station Planning. Knowing that Leeds Station will be going into a meltdown within a couple of
    weeks once MFK take over and there will be delay days rather then minutes does help you to feel that one person really can make a difference.

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