Just a quick one tonight, I got a little engrossed in a new series on the box and time has rather run away with me.

Unusually  for a Sunday I went in the workshop, there was just too many things that I had got behind on to leave it alone. With the uncertain weather and the step daughter being unwell I don’t suppose the day could have been put to better use . I have a couple of days off over the New Year and I am sure we will be able to get out for a walk.  The day turned out to be quite productive as I finally managed to fit one of the two missing skylight windows and do a bit of sealing and ply-lining ready for some much needed cupboards going up on the wall. Although it doesn’t seem that much is actually happening as the place is still cramped and messy but it is all starting to happen. Connor finished his pencil holder and it looks pretty good to be fair. He got the hang of sanding eventually although I’m not sure he appreciated the  effect a poor finish gives until he saw the effects of a little more care. It can’t have all been bad as he made his application to college tonight to enrol on a joinery course when he finishes school. It isn’t going to be easy for him but he is always works hard and diligently in my company.

We had a brief visit from Mr Hopewell, who came bearing bows. One was just a bit of a tweak which turned out to be an annoying fiddle as the timing went from one side of the mark to the other side of the mark repeatedly. Even putting it back to the original setting netted a different result. Next time I come across a small alteration I am just going to press the bow and recheck before altering anything just in case. The other bow came with a bit of a story and I hope Matt doesn’t mind me mentioning it but it could serve as a cautionary tale for any archers out there. The bow lives in a shed, nicely covered with a soft shell bowcase. These cases are lined with a nice fluffy filling. Sheds are often prone to becoming lodgings for rodents and fluffy lining makes a lovely nest. So after a little exploration the damned meeces soon found themselves inside the fluffy bowcase and at some point decided to start gnawing at the strange object inside their new home. I can’t imagine the carnage inside that bag when the bow cable let go and the bow exploded but I am smirking a little at the mousey  campfire tales of the biggest fecking mousetrap  in the world ever.  Fortunately I think the bow avoided much in the way of damage and hopefully the bow bag will be replaced with something less edible. I will get Connor to lift the string making machine down for me before he goes just so I can clutter the workshop up just a little bit more.

Well it is nearly New Years Eve and I had best start thinking of some New Year predictions for tomorrow night.



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