For those of you with lives, I hope you had a great New Years Eve and are now recovering from a well earned hangover whilst a designated chef is preparing your Dinner. If you currently aren’t in possession of a life then I am writing this early as I am already a little bit squiffy and the prognosis is that it isn’t going to get any better as time goes on.  I am saving my round up for a blog in just under 20 days time so this is a wrap up of the year and the thoughts to the future. If any of this stuff comes true then I wasn’t involved in the planning of any events. Any resemblance to persons living or dead or those that will soon be dead is unintentional, the authors view are their own and not shared by any other Brian Glover look-a-likes.

Unemployment fell from 2.65 million to 2.51 million  a drop of 140,000. Benefit claimants dropped from 1.6 million to 1.57 million, a drop of 30,000. From this I am guessing either ATOS of Workfare have had a great year. My prediction is that unemployment will continue to fall and atrocities against the weakest in our society will continue to blight this once great nation. This will culminate in Nick Clegg being flung to the zombie like crowd of the underclass as the reason this unelected Government was allowed to ravage everything Society has stood behind for the last 50 years. Clegg will be relieved of his testicles , if they can be found and in 2015 he will stand in a safe Tory constituency and be able to discard the yellow tie and stop pretending that he plays a vital role in the Government.

This year has been about secret institutions and the depravity they have been allowed to perpetuate from the shadows cast behind the bright lights of fame and popularity. The unthinkable rumours of the habits of TV presenters led us to reassess what we believed to be acceptable. Predatory paedophiles it appears were everywhere and indeed they were, the likes of Bill Wyman and John Peel paraded their sickness with only the merest of disdain from civilisation. Whilst others did it in the secrecy of their motorhomes , the dressing rooms of W12 and their private yachts. It appears I was one of the few to meet Savile and not get abused as the count rises daily, the reason for the concrete coffin, the early termination of the Haute de la Garenne investigation and the fudge over of the Kincora Childrens Home Scandal becomes more obvious, the blurred lines between celebrity, politics and royalty  will become more obvious. Is the Queen’s unusual interest in the gold reserves and cabinet meetings coincidentally timed or a sign of more intrigue to come.

It could of course be a sign of the economic collapse getting nearer to our shores, after all, we all like to check our bank accounts every now and again, especially when things are getting tight. And things are getting tight. GDP has at best flatlined, the trade deficit is even more deficient and with good reason as the lack of investment and a diminished world to trade with. With the current philosophy ( I actually should apologise for considering this government capable of philosophising over anything more complicated that tying shoe laces) of Austerity where the poor are raped for every penny by a ruling class that won’t give a fig towards resolving the issues they are responsible for and before anyone jumps up and shouts about inherited problems, the cost of a loaf of bread has risen 10% in the this government’s term so far, never mind, let them eat cake. My prediction is that unless something is done to ramp down austerity, the streets will once again be on fire as brothers fight each other in the streets.

Meanwhile the impoverished world always finds the money to wage war and take out innocent lives. Drones circle Afghanistan much in the same way as the V bombs did this country. They kill with impunity, almost in a cowardly fashion, fighting for what? Religion, Oil, Bragging rights? or to make the weapon manufacturers, construction companies and Oil refiners richer from the dwindling resources. The world needs to take a serious look at itself and ask if we can afford the human and financial costs of war.

But there was some great stuff in 2012. This was the year that Britain dominated the world in sport. Well dominated in quite a few sports and figured highly in others. For those of us who enjoy cycling, 2012 was a golden year. I was sort of fortunate to have a lot of time on my hands this year and was able to watch all the cycling classics. The year round up cannot be passed without mention to Sir Dave Brailsford , the mastermind of virtually everything, shame he isn’t a politician and Sir Bradley Wiggins who acted out the role flawlessly, it is a good job he isn’t a politician, we already have one Skinner in there.  Next year I don’t believe can be as good for British cycling, the bar was raised by Sky/Team GB/ Brailsford and you can bet the farm that the other teams aren’t going to let it happen. I am looking forward to Mark Cavendish being given free reign to do what he does best with a team that love the glory of the stage win. I think 2013 will be another Cavendish year as everyone else tries to stop Sky for embarrassing them.

I haven’t really watched much motorsport this year, well I only watch two wheels anyway. The loss of #58 Marco Simoncelli in 2011 took the excitement out of the sport and left the world a sadder place.  This year was so nearly the year of Tom Sykes, who almost mastered a beast of a bike and shafted the rest of the field but for one engine failure he would have been World Champion and yet probably most people have never heard of him.

The Olympics came and went. The opening ceremony was nothing more than lefty, multicultural crap, as we remembered long lost icons of Great Britain, coal, steel and national health whilst Mr Bean played on his organ. Fortunately the team, inspired by the nationalist fervour did well and won medals in spades, well the won medals in most things. However, getting a gold medal as a paralympian  must be well scary for their next visit to ATOS. Despite Britain proving it is at the pinnacle of sport, funding will be slashed and 2012 will be revered as was 1966 and similarly unrepeatable.

It was great while it lasted and I was proud to be British. I liked the feeling and kind of want it to happen again, maybe 2013 will be that year.

Happy New Year, one and all, except to David Cameron,  Margaret Thatcher  and the rest of their ilk, they have had it too good, too long. Viva la revolution and be good to yourself and to your loved ones.



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