Well that is the festive season done and dusted for another year.  It all seems a little quiet now that Connor has returned home. The last morsel of indulgence consumed and back to the bread and water existence. Without a doubt it has been a good Christmas this year but the diet of post Christmas weight loss programmes has made me realise I am not the most svelte of people. This is backed up by the large pile of clothes that I have put in quarantine due to shrinking in the wash. Once again I will have to turn my back on chocolate and ignore the pleasures of food made properly. Flavour sacrificed for calorific content. At this time of year I have usually put in extra hours on the bike to counteract the festivities, this year I have just let it all happen. Without cycling to boost my motivation, it is going to be a hard slog to get back to a less rotund form and that is without the prospect of an impending operation.  But enough fretting about weight loss as I don’t want to start comfort eating.

Anyway onto the events of the day. We were joined by my daughter Kayleigh  and Tracy my ex wife for New Year’s day dinner. This was mutually beneficial as I got to see them and Connor got a lift home with a large collection of presents and workshop made items. Linda once again cooked up a treat for the meal, well I didn’t hear anyone complain and we had a good afternoon of being social. It was a great way to start the new year and tomorrow my services are once again required for gainful employment at a very uncivilised time of the day.  So I had best get myself sorted out for the morning and get myself to bed.


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