I’m blooming starving, I haven’t even made  a complete day yet and I am already weakening. Not even the promise of a sun kissed holiday is convincing me to shed my whale–like blubber. I expect a day or two will either kill or cure me but for now it all seems so unfair.  I started my first shift of the new year blurry eyed and sad that the year has so long to go.  Aside from a sad incident late in the shift, the day was unremarkable. It is often more difficult to deal with one of these days than a busy one as the busy ones pass quickly. On a slow day, especially on the first day of a calorie  reduced regime the clock ticked past breakfast time and slowly to elevenses time, then crept past dinner time and onwards to afternoon snack time. Fortunately the roads were empty on the way home ans Linda had made tea, otherwise I was preparing to take the drastic action of consuming minor body parts. Anyway all this talk of food is making me hungry. I think Linda is feeling the same as she has been spending a lot of time looking at the holiday lets this evening. It will all be worth it in the end.

With our thoughts turning to summer and all fancy thoughts of two wheel al-fresco travel kicked into touch, it seemed totally appropriate that I should spend some time looking at open top cars and this is an ideal time to get a bargain. All I have to do is sell the dream of sun bleached fields, the wind in our hair and the smell of freshly cut grass to Linda and I will be sorted. I can just imagine lazy afternoon’s tootling around the countryside without a care in the world. Ah the bliss of it all.

But enough of the daydreams, I am up early again and I am struggling to put two words together at the moment, so I will be off to my bed shortly with thoughts of Croatia and sports cars.


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