An early blog tonight as I have some arrows to build before archery practise tomorrow and my earlier plan to get up in the morning and do them seems a little too keen. Therefore I am going to have a lie in and do them tonight instead. There isn’t really a lot to report for today.
I started making the bow string I bored everyone with last night. The string is probably 75mm longer than my jig which didn’t half cause an issue getting it stretched out but with some erstwhile bodging I finally got it stretched out and twisted up nicely. It has been left to finish stretching for 8 hours and now needs a well earned rest.



In between the string building I started preparing my new arrows. I start by weighing the shaft to ensure they all weigh the same, then run them on a spine tester to check the consistency and find their stiffest point. On this point the cock fletching is attached, in the hope they will all respond the same before cutting them to length and weighing and gluing the points and nock inserts into the shafts. There aren’t half a lot off sexual references in arrow building. All this hard work has ensured less than 0.06 grams difference between all of them. All that remains is to attach the fletchings. Now this may well be tricky as I usually don’t attempt to it sober and it its mindnumbingly boring.
The only other news is that we have agreed to buy a new car earlier that I planned. The latest unwillingness to turn over probably heralds the final demise of the starter motor and that is a job a few hundred pounds too many, especially as the trade in price is less than I have already spent in the last few months.
Hopefully we will take look at a car next week but I hope this car lasts long enough for it all to happen.
I am sure it has one last kick in the teeth left for me.


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