I’m just relaxing after cooking the evening meal. Now having been more than a little worried that food would never taste the same again and having watched the hairy dieters try to convince me that you can cook delightful food to a dietary budget I can now vouch for at least one of their recipes.
Linda had picked up their book earlier in the week and this was my first chance to try one. I picked one they hadn’t demonstrated just in case they put extra effort into them.  I chose the lamb curry and it doesn’t just taste as good diet food it is great food full stop. I can’t see me cooking a curry another way for a good while to come but I can see me raving about their cook book for a good while to come.
Anyway onto the events of today. We had arranged a guided bird walk at Park Lime Pits for this morning in association with Walsall Wildlife. Our guide was Richard Orton who was simply brilliant and extremely knowledgeable. The walk lasted nearly three hours as Richard showed us good locations and great tips on identifying birds. If someone had told me I would see 27 different species around the Lime Pits I would have laughed, I always thought it barren when compared to other sites we regularly visit.
The highlight had to be seeing the Kingfisher that others had been fortunate to see. Richard had heard it calling and soon located it. The other good spot was a Skylark and at one point in a tiny section of hedge was a Green Woodpecker, a Great Spotted Woodpecker, a Mistle Thrush and two Bullfinch. I am so grateful for the time Richard gave up to guide us and it was a total eye opener into what I thought I knew and what I do know.  It had made me all the more determined to get out there and learn more and see more.
What a fantastic day.


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