Tonight I went to watch a Pissing competition,the venue was  Walsall Town Hall and I am sad to report that Labour failed to get their cocks out in time and sat in a puddle of stinking piss.  I had expected a bit of a fight, this was based upon their own press release, dated 7th January. Wait a minute, that is today. Only today, for those without the time to read the “press release of blatant bollox” they stated they were hugely opposed to the huge and morally bankrupt pay rises proposed by the Tory side of the Chambers, so opposed that a few hours later they sat on their hands and did the right thing by accepting it because and I kid you not, because they would have done it differently.  Well that subtle nuance will never be tested as you did absolutely sod all, as in nothing, no worse than nothing, you abstained. Walsall Labour should hang their heads in shame for not doing the one thing they were elected to do, represent their constituents.

But that wasn’t the only truly gutting lesson handed out by Walsall Council, stuck on the back page of the agenda was a lovely back slapping report about how well the Parks and Green spaces are doing, the reflected glory  made Cllr Anstell cheeks look a little red as he proudly boasted about how great things were and then slid in the little slimy turd like nugget that all the proposed staffing cuts, would take place but assured every councillor that asked about their own little piece of green  that they would be all right. Quite how they accepted this blatant untruth I’m not sure, it must have been the thought of the pay rise and where they were going to spend their ill gotten gains, distracting them from the obvious. It is desperately sad that with all the efforts of Linda and the Save Green spaces campaign that no one chose to listen, no doubt it was labelled too complicated and a Senior Executive on £100k plus a year must know better than them, so they played to the audience like a theatre of cadavers and did absolutely nothing. Well played I am overcome with confidence that my interests are being well served.

If only I hadn’t picked this week to give up drinking.


4 thoughts on “355/365

  1. lightbluefish1964 says:

    Caught the mood brilliantly!

  2. […] Walsall blogger Aiden MacHaffie has written a truly seeding account the meeting. It’s a shameful tale, but wonderfully […]

  3. […] night’s display (documented fully by BrownhillsBob, Aiden MacHaffie,and The Plastic Hippo in a far better way than you’d find here) by the local Tory bunch […]

  4. Ray Hammond says:

    reference walsall’s labour party’s outright show of hypocrisy, over councillors pay rises. Now with the schools league tables, again showing how we are failing our children. The long standing pot holes in the roads. surely it is time the electorate woke up tp their responsibilities. Put the long standing money grubber councillors out, and elect those with the competence to manage Walsall’s affaires, to work as a team, Not dictated to by party politics. Ray Hammond

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