My mind hasn’t wandered far from the events of yesterday, the 1% cap on in work benefits today, it seems plain wrong and that society is devolving before my eyes and I can’t decide whether the Orwellian model being followed is from 1984 or Animal Farm. It should be warned that neither allegories had a particularly great outcome and actually were designed as cautionary tales rather than manifesto guidelines.  It appears that every time it couldn’t get any more vicious, they find a way of trumping it. It is clear that Keith Joseph’s notion of preventing the underclasses from breeding has been pulled out of the archive and dusted off in preparation for the next attack of those that can ill afford it.

Today could well be the beginning of the end of the Welfare State, education and health will soon become the reserve of the rich and the bleak outlook for the rest of us is to work from cradle to grave for nothing and be grateful for not getting a beating in the process. Were it not so sad, so serious  and  so real, the echoes of Monty Python “You were lucky” would be ringing in my ears. Which makes me furious, furious at a society that allows this, furious at those that play God with real people’s lives, and score points when they should be fighting injustice. I hoped that some with the merest spot of humanity would have been bigger than the game and done the decent thing.  Not so and no doubt those marginalised by current legislation and cruel attacks will seek ever more desperate ways to survive.

The myth of  being in this together has been dispelled once and for all and if Orwell is right, this story isn’t going to end well.


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