Well I thought for a change I would put down my political hat and put on the safety cap of workshop-ness, for today was spent making totally brilliant stuff and getting an accidental lung full of dust in the process. I’m not one for risking my health and always have my trend airace mask to hand but I didn’t think I would need it putting a string jig away.

I started by finishing off the bow that had been attacked by mice, the process was more difficult than usual due to the length of the string, the next issue was not having a datum point for the settings, so aside from the factory settings, the rest was guess work. Anyway it is all done now and that meant I could put the archery gear away and be able to at least move in the workshop. I was just putting the string jig back in the rafters when I found a half a tonne of collected dust, when I say found it, I ended up wearing it  and I have been coughing it up ever since.

There are a number of jobs remaining in the workshop but probably the most annoying issue was the lack of wheels on the table saw and after seeing a table saw carriage on the tinterweb  I decided to deal with this and copy the design. As on many previous occasions what seemed like a two hour job turned out to be an all day one but I do like the finished job. I forgot to take a photo but the saw is mounted on bearings carriers salvaged from a skateboard, which run up a ramp on the carriage to lift the legs off the floor when it is required to move and when required to stay put the legs do their job. It is a simple design but works well.

The remaining jobs need a payday cash injection but I have sufficient bits of scrap to make a replacement shoe rack and a veg washing, garden tote thingy that I got sent a link of by the better half.  I am going onto nights for the rest of the week but may have an hour or two in the morning to get another lung full of dust.


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