The Plastic Hippo on the embarrassment of being Socialist in Walsall

The Plastic Hippo

It is unlikely that Albert Einstein ever visited Walsall, but if anyone possessed the gift of seeing into the future then the cartographer of the space/time continuum must have had the current political basket case that is Walsall in mind when he said: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I`m not sure about the former”.

The shameful goings on at the meeting of Walsall council on Monday night sent the human stupidity gauge way off the scale causing it to explode into thousands of shards of what was once representative democracy. Any pretence at accountability, honour or public service has been finally shattered and has disappeared down a black hole of greed, self-interest, incompetence and idiocy. We really have fallen down a rabbit hole into an alternative universe populated by lumbering primates picking fleas out of each others` fur.

It was third time lucky for…

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