The usual apologies apply as I am writing this from my secret bug out location in a proven riot-proof building high above the sprawling metropolis of the nation’s second city.  Down below are a swarm of partially dressed zombies staggering from bar to bar taking what they want and not caring for tomorrow. The only transmissions we can receive are a Twitter feed from BBC Question Time, where the leader of the undead appears to be broadcasting mindless shite to the nation.
Fear not for my safety, after watching numerous “prepper” programmes and the training gained from the Mayan fiasco has left me in a high state of readiness. I have packed nutritional items such as apples and a pear. I also have å tuna wrap and in my storage unit I have a pack puff Nairn’s Oat biscuits and a pot of honey just in case of a prolonged siege.
Just to clarify,the oat biscuits have been there months as they are the most unpalatable offering this side of the Scottish border. I clarify in case any calorie reduced regime scrutineers are reading. My ” it’s not a diet, it is a way of life” it’s going well, I am back at the weight I ed when I started  nine days ago. I feel less fat and it has been mentioned there could have been an element of operator error using the scales at the start. I accept I was surprised at how badly my clothes fitted for the indicated weight but I suspect the surface rust in the scales spring through inactivity may also be a cause. Anyway I am only 7lb heavier than when I had the accident,although I was 7lb heavier than normal at the time, so I have a stone to go before I am where I was this time last year.

I decided against going in the workshop as it looked too cold and decided to go to a midlands based archery retailer to make use of the indoor range to try and get my arrows tuned in.  I also had a new string to set up and this was all best done in the relative warmth of an indoor facility. The string setting up didn’t take too much doing, it came up bang on the settings of my original one, it just needed the new mocking point and kisser attaching and I moved onto the arrows, sadly it was obvious there was more than a tuning issue, although I did try a few things. None of which produced a satisfactory result so, once again my bank account was ravaged as I bought some lighter arrows. Fortunately these new arrows are the same as Connor shoots and my current ones are most likely the ones he will need as he is getting bigger and stronger, so they won’t go to waste. 
Well I better get some work done. Night all.


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