Having survived a night shift I thought I would give it another go tonight and as normal I did very little in between sleeping so I suppose the only item to report is that I have just walked in to find we have been informed by email that we are being relocated to Rugby in 2015. Now there is nothing unusual about being moved about on the railway and rumours of imminent reorganisation are the way management keeps the workforce scared and as the Krays are supposed to have said “When people are scared of you, you can do anything” however it is rare these things are actually put in writing, so there must be intent on something. The only amusing part of this is the mention of us getting an iPad out of it. Very reminiscent of Indira Gandhi sweetening the forced sterilisation programme with the promise of a transistor radio. Times change but management and greed don’t.
For me I would be in a difficult situation just two years too early to take retirement and with my current health and medication, one hundred miles a day travelling for a twelve hour shift is an onerous undertaking. These things have a habit of changing, so I won’t waste too much time on it until it is necessary to do so but in the mean time with the understaffing and other internal issues, it looks like morale will take another dive in the coming months.


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