Well I am in the process of concluding my last night shift and all appears well as we place the dust cover over the network. The engineer’s trains are mostly in place to start tarting it up for the week to come. Hopefully the peace will remain although three good shifts on the trot is an unusual occurrence. 
The day was spent doing very little, I played the ukelele for a couple of hours, when I say played that is actually bigging it up somewhat but I enjoy it. The main advance in strumming a tune in the twenty five years since I stopped is the readily available access to tabs for songs. In days gone by it was a trip to Hudson’s to buy the sheet music and then try and play along to the record. The invention of the cassette player made this easier to do but it is nothing compared to the revelation that is YouTube and the host of tab sites.  It is so easy and such fun.  I ended up doing a gig with the Levellers from the comfort of the armchair and using live clips I even got applause.  That never happened before. I can’t wait for payday so I can look at getting a guitar as I have a gig with Stone Sour lined up. Even in these enlightened times there is no place for a Uke in thrash rock, not yet anyway.


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