Just a very short blog tonight, after finishing at 0600 this morning I am back on again at 0600 tomorrow and I am feeling like a pile of poo. I am off to bed as soon as this is finished and I am struggling to type comprehensibly.

I got up early so that we could at least try and make something of my day off, not that is can really count as one, being a mere interlude between shifts. We went over to the RSPB reserve at Sandwell which appeared mostly frozen. There wasn’t much activity, plenty of Pochard and Wigeon but nothing spectacular. There was supposedly a Goldeneye out there but I couldn’t spot it. There was also talk of Snipe and a Water Rail knocking about the margins but again they also proved elusive.

It was a good day to be out, although I was wishing a hip flask had arrived in my Christmas stocking as it really was rather chilly. With an hour or so of daylight remaining we drove over to Swan Pool and took a walk up to Priory Woods. Again there was plenty of activity but nothing much to write home about. We were able to watch a Treecreeper going about his business from very close range but there was no sign of the Kingfisher and Goldcrest we spotted on our last visit.

So that was the day done and my bed beckons, with any luck I will be snowed in and unable to attend for duty, only time will tell.


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