There is something wonderful about seeing the Springwatch team at work as their alter ego Winterwatch.  Their enthusiasm for wildlife goes far beyond the often feigned interest shown on the other resident BBC wildlife offering. Most who enjoy the outdoors know that there is always something wonderful to see, no matter what the weather or the time of year but for those, like me, who are relatively new  to all this , the programme brings a sense of anticipation that everything is going to get great again and I can’t wait.

There is so much that I want to do that I fear there isn’t enough time to fit it all in, then again it doesn’t all have to happen this year, or the next.  We have decided to join a local Birdwatching club, not only to get access to what appear to be prime sites but to learn more about the activity. It was obvious from the recent bird walk that I know far less than I thought I knew and I didn’t think I knew very much to start with.

I spent another enjoyable shift at work, the conversation rarely strayed too far from the upheaval that is planned to occur in two years time. Yesterday I wrote  on the subject of trade unionism and solidarity, determined to avoid rolling over and playing dead, today nothing had changed, the same defeatist phrases abounded and it made me think that early advice of change is both a blessing and a curse, two years is a long time to worry about the future and a long time to accept capitulation. It is also a goodly amount of time to put together strategies for a defence. I know how I would rather spend the time, hopefully I can convince enough colleagues to consider a similar decision.

Tomorrow after work, Arik is having his third and possibly final leaving do, he made a very wise decision to get the hell out and took early retirement. He is obviously missing everyone and keeps providing the setting and excuse for after work get togethers. He has also generously offered to get his wallet out and buy the drinks and crisps. Top man. Therefore I may make even less sense than usual in my penultimate entry in a year of blogging, Be warned it may well contain ultra loony left wing bollox and overly sentimental rubbish.


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