JC Midge MkII Build Diary

Midge MkII Build Diary part 1 (of many)

I guess this is part one of the Mighty Midge (MkII) build story. The plans arrived today. As you can see, they are very comprehensive. How it goes, only time will tell.

A fair portion of my monthly budget went on buying the plans from John Cowperthwaite at Lightning Cars and sorting out the security for garage the car will be stored in so it will be a fairly quiet month on the build. As a number of the patterns are simply reversed for each side I bought a sheet of 12mm MDF and I will cut out a templates in that and make any mistakes on the cheaper material. From there I will use a template cutter on my router table to make the identical panels in a fuss free manner.




6 thoughts on “JC Midge MkII Build Diary

  1. Ah Aiden, your front room looks very much like my front room!
    from Mrs Cowperthwaite

  2. Apparently this was a one off out of the kindness of Linda’s heart.

  3. Tuncer Irmak says:

    I would like to purchase those plans , as I saw in ebay was for sale while ago, MK2 Midge. Could you please mail me details

  4. Allan says:

    How do I get plans for this project looks good

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