Midge Mk2 build diary. (chassis work complete)


After what seems like an age, the rejuvenating of the SJ chassis is complete. Anything that is still rusty in the pictures is being replaced by new bits so no thinking I’m being slapdash.IMAG0094 IMAG0069

Connor had a lesson in making fuel lines and I set about the painful task of cutting the stainless steel braided fuel line. The final job was to give everything a good clean with Bilt Hamner Surfex HD and the jetwash. This included the drive which has suffered a real hammering over the last few weeks. I am smugly happy with the finished job and looking back at pre clean up photos it is hard to believe how far it has come on.

As Connor has finished college for a while, I have taken the coming week off work so that we can start the bodywork and I really can’t wait; so I didn’t. The first job was to seal the floor from the elements using a concoction of PVA glue and Wilkinsons exterior wood and metal paint as suggested by John Cowperthwaite in his car build manual. I was a little less than convinced but there is no denying the finished panels look amazing. I mixed the glue and undercoat and applied it with an emulsion roller over the plywood which had been pretreated with watered down PVA. The resulting textured effect was very pleasing. After being allowed to dry properly I finished with a couple of coats of satin black applied with a gloss roller. I tested the strength of the finish with my fingernail and the fingernail lost, who needs emery boards when you have a Midge floor?

IMAG0092 IMAG0091

So that is where we are. Tuesday the interesting work starts for real, I will try and update my blog daily but if I can’t the pictures should make it to Twitter with monotonous frequency at @aideym



2 thoughts on “Midge Mk2 build diary. (chassis work complete)

  1. 777rod says:

    Hi wow great post series, cannot wait for me. what happened? these are high quality posts, worthy of a book!! reading building a kit car which is a let down. cheers rod ps let me know if the book idea is of interest.

  2. Hi Rod,
    Thank you for the kind words. I don’t do much in the way of blogging these days. I have let myself down with too many project failures. Although I am currently writing (in a book) things that come into my head when cycling.
    What happened? To be honest, I found dealing with the designer a little infuriating. I had a few issues getting things to fit, even though I was a woodworker and had professional machines. I suspect that somehow the long straight lines on the printed sheets weren’t the same as the long straight lines on the edge of the plywood. I had to remake a number of panels and was on my way to wiping out a rainforest. Of course this was all my fault as was repeatedly pointed out to me. The second realisation was that despite sitting in the original Mk2 and fitting, As I built mine it was apparent that being slightly more rotund than the designer, sitting and driving were going to be two entirely different experiences. Thirdly I was having to trailer the car from my garage to my house ( a mile) each time I wanted to work on it.
    This all led to the demise of the project.
    I have now gone back to cycling, although on a recumbent due to my disabilities and I am spending more time with my family, when not absent for hours on my bike.
    There is definitely a place for the Midge in modern society an on the whole I enjoyed getting as far as the rolling shell. However I would say that I embarked on the build in the wrong order. I spent a lot of time and money getting the chassis perfect. I should have spent the time and money getting the body right and then whipped it off and done the chassis rebuild. I hope this helps.

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