Sorry is the hardest word to say

Two weeks ago I was involved in an incident whilst cycling home from work. It was way to close for my liking and forced me to act to avoid a collision with a single decker bus operated by National Express on the 997 route. The Driver was wholly in the wrong after completely misjudging the situation. He chose to overtake me with the full intention of immediately pulling in to the kerb to allow passengers to board. There was also standing traffic at the roundabout ahead and oncoming traffic approaching at a point where the road narrows. I suppose if you are going to try the impossible you should be applauded for your efforts and this chap deserved an ovation.
Due to the conditions mentioned above he wasn’t able to make a getaway and I drew along side his cab to express my dissatisfaction. To be honest I would have been happy with an apology there and then, we are human, none of us are perfect. ” Sorry mate ” would have made things fine, hopefully we would have all learned a lesson ( obviously when I said  we I meant him)
Instead of “Sorry Mate ”  I got told to “Fuck Off”, I then got treated to further abuse using the medium of mime.  I recorded the event which is very crudely edited here link The full version remains in case anyone wanted it.
To be fair my first reaction to this would have put me in the wrong, so my second reaction was to complain to his company. I believed that this would help the driver gain an understanding of what it like to be assaulted with a deadly weapon and that arrogance is a very unlikeable character trait. I also believed the person best placed to deliver these valuable lessons should be the ones who paid his wages.
Sadly this appears not to be the case. There will be no apology, I will never discover if the 997 bus route is a little safer or that temerity is no longer a requirement for operating a psv. I don’t know if I am a marked man in an “On the buses” style with every bus overtake  being accompanied with a fist shake and a wail of “I’ll get you Biker” 
I finally received a reply from National Express complaints department after numerous emails and after throwing my Twitter toys out of the pram last night.
It appears the complaints department is very busy and is running days behind. I was informed I wouldn’t be told of the outcome to protect the driver but they did at least know who he was. So let’s get this straight, his incompetence nearly caused an accident, his reaction was to abuse me and I don’t get my apology to protect him. That is utter bollocks. I don’t need his name, although he is licensed and should be prepared to state both name and number when requested. I just wanted an apology from him and an undertaking from the company that he would be retrained, briefed as required to bring his standards up to those expected in his position.
I don’t think I am unreasonable, after all I saved him from attending an inquiry or making statements to the Police and all that nasty stuff with the Press and the years of counselling. Mind you I am only a cyclist, I don’t count. I suppose he and his Manager had a good laugh at my expense whilst having a swift half in the pub before the afternoon school run.
As far as my complaint I hope it provided some entertainment as they tried a few three pointers from the printer to the bin.
I have learned a lesson here, don’t bother complaining to National Express just go straight to social media. Public image is everything. In fact don’t go straight to Twitter just ring the Police, although in my experience their system was based on the National Express set up, but at least the Police apologise when necessary.


One thought on “Sorry is the hardest word to say

  1. ianrobo says:

    disgusting behaviour by NX and do they not realise a simple apology was all that was needed ?

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