The Plastic Hippo

It requires an extraordinary amount of brass to construct the neck of a politician. Ironically, the weaker the intellect, the absence of spine and the more dubious the morality, the more brass is needed. Only the purest, most precious brass is reserved for the necks of creatures that call themselves Liberal Democrats.

It is a given that the Tory party is nasty and that the millionaire Conservative front bench are intent on returning to the dark ages of gentry and peasantry, master and servant. The Labour front bench, after 13 years of spin and glossy news management now seem too tired to put up a fight and cannot be bothered to question the outrageous statements peddled by the Tory propaganda machine. With the gullibility of Nick Clegg being exposed as the wheels come off this failing coalition, the only role left for Liberal Democrat ministers is to appear before theā€¦

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